Hadoop/HDFS Commands

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hadoop/HDFS Commands

Hadoop version
Command : hadoop version

List the contents of the root directory in HDFS
Command: hadoop fs -ls /

Report the amount of space used and available on currently mounted file system
Command: hadoop fs -df hdfs:/
Command: hadoop fs -df -h hdfs:/

Create a new directory named “hadoop”
Command: hadoop fs -mkdir /user/entechlog/hadoop

Add a sample text file from the local directory to HDFS
Command: hadoop fs -put /data/home/entechlog/hadoop/input/HadoopFile1.txt /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/

Command: hadoop fs -copyFromLocal /data/home/entechlog/hadoop/input/HadoopFile1.txt /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/

List the contents of a directory in HDFS
Command: hadoop fs -ls /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/

Add the entire local directory to HDFS

Command: hadoop fs -put /data/home/entechlog/hadoop/input/copydir/ /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/

Space used by a directory in HDFS
Command: hadoop fs -du -s -h /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/copydir/

Delete a file
Command: hadoop fs -rm /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/copydir/HadoopFile1.txt

Ensure this file is no longer in HDFS
Command: hadoop fs -ls /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/copydir/HadoopFile1.txt

Delete all files from the folder
Command: hadoop fs -rm /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/copydir/*

Empty the trash
Command: hadoop fs –expunge

Remove all files from a directory and the directory itself
Command: hadoop fs -rm -r /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/copydir/

Copy files between HDFS
Command: hadoop fs -cp /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/HadoopFile3.txt /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/HadoopFile4.txt

Copy file from HDFS to Local
Command: hadoop fs -copyToLocal /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/HadoopFile4.txt /data/home/entechlog/hadoop/input/HadoopFile4.txt
Command: hadoop fs -get /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/HadoopFile4.txt /data/home/entechlog/hadoop/input/HadoopFile5.txt

Display last kilobyte of the file
Command: hadoop fs -tail /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/HadoopFile4.txt
changing permission of a file
hadoop fs -chmod 600 /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/HadoopFile4.txt

Changing the owner 
Command: hadoop fs -chown newUser:newGroup /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/HadoopFile4.txt

Changing the group
Command: hadoop fs -chgrp newGroup /user/entechlog/hadoop/input/HadoopFile4.txt

Move a directory from one location to other
Command: hadoop fs -mv source target

List all the hadoop file system commands
Command: hadoop fs

hadoop file system commands help
Command: hadoop fs –help

To know the system is running under safemode or not
Command: hadoop dfsadmin -safemode get

To make safemode on when it is off
Command: hadoop  dfsadmin  -safemode enter

To make safemode off when it is on

Command: hadoop  dfsadmin  -safemode leave

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