Java Transformer in DataStage

Monday, April 21, 2014

Java Transformer in DataStage

Using the Java stage in DataStage we can invoke a java program, This is a very rare scenario used in common ETL world but it’s a very useful stage, This stage can have one input link, One output link and one reject link.

Datastage to invoke a Java application it need a IBM supplied jar file “tr4j.jar”, This can be found in below location if your version of Datastage has Java Pack Installed.

Windows - C:\IBM\InformationServer\Server\DSEngine\java\lib\ tr4j.jar
Linux       - /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Server/DSEngine/java/lib/tr4j.jar

Here we will see a simple sample Java code to display "Hello World" in Datastage, This code is created in Eclipse using this IBM supplied class.(Please note to write a java code you need some java workbench preferably Eclipse and If you are not a Java developer then you will also need some Good amount of help from Java developer to get this java interface complete).

Step 1:- Create Java Code in Eclipse(Below is the sample code to say Hello World).

package helloWorld;

import com.ascentialsoftware.jds.Row;
import com.ascentialsoftware.jds.Stage;

public class HelloWorld extends Stage {

public void initialize() {


public void terminate() {

public int process() {

Row outputRow = createOutputRow();
outputRow.setValueAsString(0, "Hello World");



Step 2:- Create the jar file for above java code and move the same to correct location in Datastage server.

Step 3:- Create the datastage job with Java Transformer as given below.

Step 4:- Edit the Java XFM to add the jar file location and output field definitions, Remember to give the path for "tr4j.jar" also, else the module will not work.

Step 5:- Compile and run the Datastage job, This should execute the java code and will give the result as given below.

I am also attaching the jar file, DataStage job and Java Pack Guide for reference.

Link for JAR File
Link for DSX File
Link for IBM Java Guide

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